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  • Indie Boulevard Review

    "Everything transpired at lightning speed —10songs— a combination of a forced march and intense brainstorming. The album "Mirror,Mirror" stands as a magnificent creation that captivates listeners from start to finish, painting vivid imagery in their minds."

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  • Pop in the Real World Review

    "Camm’s learned a thing or two from Jagger’s satanic majesty, Jim Morrison’s infernal energy, Bowie’s pre Ziggy strangeness and Kula Shaker’s magpie borrowings, but he has the personality to wear and own his musical suits comfortably and convincingly."

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  • Pitch Perfect Review

    "Adam Camm’s latest album is very well-executed. I especially admire how timeless all of it feels despite being so deeply entrenched in the sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s. This will really resonate with listeners, so I strongly recommend it, and I can’t wait to hear what Camm does with his unique sound next."

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  • Weirdoshrine Press

    "Overall, Mirror, Mirror is a nice little trip down memory lane that will fit right in with your other alternative rock albums from the mid 70s. So to all the modern dandies, T-Rex and Bowie adepts; here’s your new favorite band!"

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  • Colours Through the Air Review

    "...his sound being an experimental blend of guitar pop and 60s inspired Psych." 

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